The soul of art is inspiration


Loly draws inspiration from the world around her. She adapts influences from contemporary and modern design and architecture, Latin-American colors, European simplicity, fauvist and impressionistic art to her cool, tactile aesthetic.

From from her humble beginnings in a small mining town, to her move to the big city where she calls home and her travels abroad; Loly is always looking for inspiration from the places she has been, the cultures she's immersed in and the people that she interacts with. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

"   You can find inspiration in everything and that is why I carry my sketchbook and my digital camera with me at all times...  "

Loly favors modern icons among her influencers including architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Daniel Lebiskind (designer of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal addition to Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum); artists Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Paul Klee; furniture designer Karim Rashid; and fashion icons Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, Valentino Garavani and Emilio Pucci.

Loly has toured the world and her experiences are reflected in her designs but the Metis girl from the small mining town doesn’t forget her roots, and cites that her mother is still her greatest inspiration.

"   When I was a young girl, I became increasingly fascinated with my mother's unique eclectic sense of style. Often, she would pair glamorous 1950's style cocktail dresses with exotic hand forged gold and silver jewellery from Bolivia. It was an unorthodox mix for that time… she was and still is my greatest inspiration as a designer...  "