Marching to the beat of her own drum


LISEANNECRAWFORD® is a fashion brand and a woman .

Lise Anne, or "Loly" to her friends and family, the woman; is an artist, a designer, a broadcast television stylist, an entrepreneur, and a hands-on creative who, very much like her patrons, marches to the beat of her own drum.

The Rebirth

LISEANNECRAWFORD® has experienced a rebirth from its 20 years of commercial design and production of television jewellery programs, taking this experience and applying it to the custom, handcrafted jewellery she is commissioned to create for her most discerning of patrons and her most demanding critic - herself!

Like some of her entrepreneurial clientele, Loly brings to bear her passion, her love of art and her desire to learn; to her craft. Loly is a self-taught jewellery artisan.

"  I am an individualist who generally thinks outside the lines. I love to create jewellery for my customers who themselves love to express their own uniqueness and individuality... "

The Journey

Born on a Mile of Gold

You could say that Loly's jewellery design journey started on the day she was born in a small Northern Ontario (Canada) mining town historians refer to as "Canada's Mile of Gold". A town known for its rich gold mining reserves.

Loly's father soon moved the family to Bolivia for over a year while working in diamond mining. Upon returning, many momentos were brought back to decorate the family home including hand carved wooden monoliths, ornate hand forged sterling silver and exquisitely-detailed gold jewellery; custom designed for her mother. Vivid memories of her mother's elegant yet eclectic fashion style of pairing exotic Bolivian jewellery with elegant 1950's cocktail dresses helped to shape Loly's design aesthetic in years to come.

A keen interest in design soon began to form as art, music and culture were always present in the Crawford household and memories of working on creative projects while her father sang and played his Gibson guitar still linger with fondness.

From Paper to Silver and Gold

At the age of twenty, Loly moved to Toronto to study Design. As a way to pay her tuition, she set out to design her first jewellery collection made from mixed media collage and resin. The collection sold out in less than a month after signing The Art Gallery Of Ontario as a stockist.

In years to come, she would begin designing and crafting jewellery with precious metals and gemstones; always her roots and experiences influencing her designs. Travels to the deep blue Carribean Sea and trekking through the Middle East, including visiting Masada to view the magnificent mosaic fragments would further influence and shape Loly's design style.

In 2006, Loly's jewellery creations graced the runways during L'OREAL Fashion Week with rave reviews.

Broadcast Fashion TV and an active Atelier

Today, Loly works in television broadcasting styling jewellery and accessories; while, creating eye catching looks for live fashion broadcasts. Current clients include professionals, executives and celebrities in fashion, design, entertainment, business and publishing.

In 2011, LISEANNECRAWFORD® introduced the birth of two new brands: Loly Chic® and Loly Signature® and produced each brand's first full collection for Spring & Summer 2012.