Elegant, Chic and Exotic

Brand Profile

LISEANNECRAWFORD® is a woman and a fashion brand. The brand is an expression of a modern woman; her tastes, her touch and her style.

LISEANNECRAWFORD® is a fashion house that whispers from the elegant blocks of Yorkville in Toronto, Canada. The house maintains a quiet disposition, rejecting hype and trends, and yet, because of the neighborhood the house lays within, the vibrancy and creativeness that is Yorkville, and the close proximity of grand museums, boutiques and galleries of Canada's fashion and art elite; the style is inspired, always innovating and allowing the work to resonate.

One part dark, one part light, the label embodies an intuition equal to its intellect. A love and passion for the craft, a need to create, and a ceaseless perfectionism has created a house culture of solidity, innovation and drive.

The Lines

The two primary lines that make up the LISEANNECRAWFORD® brand are LOLY Chic® and Loly®.

LOLY Chic® is known to its patrons as "functional chic". It was created to offer women versatile jewellery and accessories that could effortlessly take them from the office to a cocktail party. The customers of this line are often young entrepreneurs and urban professionals; they are stylish, fashion-conscious women who come to expect ground-breaking ideas, uncompromising design and passion for form as well as function. They look for the unique and the contemporary while seeking out the best value that they've come to expect from LISEANNECRAWFORD®.

LOLY Chic®
Spring-Summer 2012

Loly® is the signature line of LISEANNECRAWFORD®. The line was created for clients who are designers, trend-setters, innovators and pioneers in their respective fields. From fashion designers to entrepreneurs to captains of industry, these modern cosmopolitan women who have toured the world but doesn’t forget their roots; value quality, luxury items that are as unique as they are. They prefer a complete and unique customer experience and require high quality customization when choosing fine jewellery. They sometimes prefer to design their own using our Before Spoken For™ service; and at times will customize styles found within our current collections.

Spring-Summer 2012